IT PMO West Africa – Mandate For Gender Diverse Shortlist

Case Study


A multi-national business headquartered in Europe sought to appoint a technology professional to oversee information systems project management and budget planning for West Africa, coordinating closely with the global and regional IS teams and liaising with customers across Anglophone and Francophone West Africa.

Our remit was to provide a gender balanced shortlist to accommodate a strong preference for a female professional to fill the role should a suitably well qualified candidate be identified.


To identify individuals with appropriate IT skills and managerial expertise, both in Africa and internationally, across multiple industry sectors given the transferrable competencies and qualifications of an IT professional. Due to the nature of external relationships pertaining to the requirements of the role, bilingual capabilities were essential.


As specialists within the FMCG space our existing network was unlikely to immediately deliver a broad slate of potential candidates. The largely male dominated technology sector presented inherent challenges in sourcing high caliber senior female IT professionals. Furthermore, the tobacco industry is often unappealing to candidates with strong moral and ethical views around the product, thereby potentially reducing the talent pool of professionals willing to consider the role. Many IT professionals in the region were not networking visibly or easy to find via traditional business/social media platforms. Cultural and political circumstances at the time were not conducive to the role location having great appeal either to expats or returning nationals.

Parameters of Search

Our existing database was thoroughly interrogated and leveraged for recommendations of possible candidates within the broader network. In addition, extensive research and resource was deployed to uncover relevant individuals working for multinational organisations outside of the region.

Potential candidates were successfully mapped across the region and internationally, resulting in an extensive longlist of highly qualified individuals with good representation of female IT leaders.

Delivery & Results

A gender diverse slate of four candidates was delivered to our client within four weeks.

The successful individual was a female, bilingual, West African IT professional with multinational experience from the oil and gas sector.