We remain here to listen, provide answers and solutions.

Manners Maclean Covid-19

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on both the everyday and professional lives of many. We have witnessed considerable personal loss and we have also never before seen a peacetime shutdown of a global economy where, in periods, almost 40% of the global workforce has not been working.


Agility has been key to the ongoing ability of all businesses to work effectively whether, in remote working, distribution realignment and/or allocation of resource and this is critical to the way that Manners Maclean has operated. Ensuring the safety and wellness of our employees has been optimum and they have all been able to remotely work around the world enabling and ensuring that the quality of service to our all our clients remains at the required high level.


With the fallout of Covid-19 and/or recent events, never before has there been a more prominent moment for change. Whether it is driving D&I initiatives, addressing the acceleration of digitalisation, business restructuring or transformation, we hope and aim to be able to assist all of our clients as they navigate their way forward.


We remain here to listen, provide answers and solutions. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have and I look forward to continuing to partner our clients and new businesses over the coming period.


Jim_Mundell_Manners_Maclean   Jim Mundell, Managing Director.

Our services range from talent mapping and leadership search to outplacement and insights. Let us know if we can support your organisation in any way through this difficult time.