Diversity & Inclusion

Robust D&I efforts have increasingly positive economic and business impact and are not just feel-good corporate policies.

The relationship between diverse senior executive teams and financial overperformance continues to strengthen. In recognising the importance in the diversity of thought, Manners Maclean work with organisations that remove any barriers to effective hiring and talent management. Our commitment to this practice is evident when reviewing 2020 where 71% of our placements were diverse hires.

We have teams dedicated to D&I talent solutions, proactively tracking diverse talent and trends to enhance our D&I proposition. We advise our clients to adopt a strong D&I policy to strengthen their engagement when looking to attract diverse candidates.
Our Leadership Search mandates, produce successful hires from balanced and diverse shortlists and our Talent Pipelining initiatives can be tailored to support diversity planning across a business whether in relation to gender, ethnicity, sexuality or social demographic. Underpinning everything is ensuring the strongest candidates from any backgrounds are successful.

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