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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are essential business tools today to maximise and capitalise on the different skills, styles and sensibilities of employees.

Ethical, Honest & Fair

The workforce demographic is changing and nowhere is this more noticeable than across the global emerging markets where organisational diversity is becoming a necessity as opposed to a badge sometimes worn by businesses to show their commitment to embracing change.

Some of the advantages seen in a diverse workforce are increased productivity, creativity and problem solving and with it the top and bottom line. Internally it strengthens communication with a global customer base and also helps retain and attract talent, where businesses not seen embracing the changing workplace may suffer in attracting the leading talent.

Over the last five years, driven by this changing talent landscape across the emerging markets, Manners Maclean have focussed on delivering national talent across emerging markets. Across CEEMEA, LATAM & APAC we have and are able to provide talent solutions that have led to client partners being able to meet and answer diversity targets / quotas.

With a further, specialist focus on gender diversity in senior leadership our STANDOUT Global Gender Diversity division can deliver talent initiatives to redress gender imbalance in functions or geographies where women are currently under-represented.

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    STANDOUT is a multi-sector division of the Manners Maclean Group that provides specialist Gender Diversity search & selection services.

Global Talent Acquisition, Talent Pipelining and Market Mapping in both developed and emerging markets. Any questions please call +44 (0) 207 484 8710.