Total Talent Partnership

Total Talent Partnership is as much an outsourced recruitment process, as it is a service offering.

At Manners MacLean we are used to working with multinational clients who, as you go through large scale transformation, require either a full or partial resource solution in full collaboration with their existing business. Utilising experienced recruiters and leading technologies we work closely with the business to ensure speed and cost of hire are in line with business needs.

Delivering a Total Talent Partnership is a substantial commitment, and we work with the business to align our strategy and demand to yours. Our teams can combine all of the Talent Pipelining, Exec search as well as diversity and inclusion process, in addition to defining the strategy with you. Managing the compliance, we work collaboratively with you to realise your corporate goals in hiring top leadership talent.

Global Talent Acquisition, Talent Pipelining and Market Mapping in both developed and emerging markets. Any questions please call +44 (0) 207 484 8710.