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Addressing gender diversity imbalance has a positive impact on attracting and retaining the very best professionals in business. STANDOUT works in partnership with organizations that recognise the need for change and whose leadership & internal talent teams are inclusive, dynamic and forward thinking.

Unlike many of our competitors that offer empathy, advocacy or the ‘business case for diversity’ STANDOUT offers practical and tangible recruitment solutions, enabling those responsible for the hiring process to integrate plans for gender diversity into Talent Acquisition & Leadership Development strategies.

STANDOUT Partnership

Discussion & Advice

Determining the Best Direction for your Business

Consultation & Development

STANDOUT offers best practice recommendations that are aligned with business objectives and compatible with diversity and inclusion policies appropriate to your business and markets.

STANDOUT provides assistance in addressing the root causes of very typical problems in sourcing and engaging external female candidates, taking into account existing culture, legacy pipelines and statistics.

STANDOUT leverages years of research and experience in diversity hiring, imparting guidance and suggestions that will give you a competitive edge in diverse talent acquisition.

  • Listening, Learning, Understanding Your Business
  • Uncovering Pain Points in Current Diversity Hiring Methods
  • Determining the Most Effective Strategy for Change

STANDOUT Search & Selection

Uncovering Hidden Talent

Making a Visible Difference

Targeted Solutions

STANDOUT delivers gender-specific executive search to complement recruitment initiatives where female talent is under-represented. Selected individuals are presented as an independent shortlist or as a supplement to traditionally sourced shortlists, as required.

STANDOUT utilises a long term engagement strategy, a proven methodology that delivers tangible results and affords our clients the very best solution to gender diverse search and selection.

Working alongside Manners Maclean International, STANDOUT ensures a high level of probability that each Executive Search assignment undertaken by the Manners Maclean Group will result in a diverse slate of candidates for consideration for all key hires.

  • Assigning the Very Best Diversity Search Methodology
  • Ensuring Optimum Reach & Engagement
  • Identifying the Perfect Fit for Your Organisation

STANDOUT Pipelining & Workforce Planning

Optimizing Efficiency | Maximizing Impact

The Keystone for Success

Planning For The Future

Proactive diversity pipelining is fundamental to changing the landscape of leadership and reducing attrition in functions and geographies were women are under-represented.

The STANDOUT Talent Pipelining solution is used by multinational companies to complement internal talent acquisition strategies whether for succession planning, tackling skill shortages, business & headcount growth or simply to improve gender diversity at all levels across the workforce.

STANDOUT can tailor a benchmark assessment of the presence and availability of external female talent relevant to your industry and markets with unprecedented reach and engagement. Building a long term relationship with the STANDOUT community ensures that your organization is perceived positively as a business that puts diversity first.

  • Cost-Effective Mapping & Market Analysis
  • Engaging with the Leaders of the Future
  • Enhancing Internal Talent Acquisition Capability

A Unique Talent Initiative

There are three main sources of perpetuation of gender imbalance in business: inadequately balanced internal pipelines;  untargeted external sourcing; an unconscious bias that pervades many leadership teams and much of the executive search industry.

It is not enough to set out targets, quotas and ideals without identifying the root causes of gender imbalance in senior leadership and attrition in mid-management. Even addressing one or two of the above issues is often inadequate for a long term, sustainable solution (though it is a start).

At STANDOUT we have embraced all of the root causes of existing gender diversity imbalance and the difficulties in implementing gender diversity hiring initiatives. We have the tools in place to turn gender diversity strategy to gender diversity success, enabling reach and engagement with unprecedented numbers of professional women as well as eliminating unconscious bias in the recruitment process, from identification to interview.

Case Studies & Reports

For specific examples of campaigns we have undertaken, please read our case studies & reports.

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