A specialist division of the Manners Maclean Group that focuses on Gender Diversity


A multi-sector, existing global network of many thousands of women in leadership


A pro-active model for success in Gender Diversity hiring and pipeline development

STANDOUT Global Gender Diversity is a multi-sector division of the Manners Maclean Group that works with organisations seeking to redress gender imbalance and advance women in leadership.

Reasons To Use STANDOUT

PROBLEM: Compromised Hiring Strategy

- Low numbers or complete lack of female candidates
STANDOUT delivers gender-specific executive search to complement internal recruitment initiatives where female talent is under-represented.

PROBLEM: False Perception And Unconscious Bias

- Women habitually disregarded or overlooked
STANDOUT ensures that women are not overlooked but are sought out, are consulted to gauge interest and are given every opportunity to compete for senior roles.

PROBLEM: Inefficient Sourcing

- Untargeted recruitment methods that are diversity-inefficient
STANDOUT is a targeted recruitment solution that reaches and engages with unprecedented numbers of ‘best in class’ senior, female professionals relevant to a search.


The STANDOUT initiative commenced in 2012. The business case for gender diversity was building rapidly, conclusive data supporting that gender diversity positively impacts a company’s financial performance, reduces potential corruption and scandal, and strengthens the overall economy. Many companies declared greater diversity balance to be business imperative laying out objectives to achieve desired quotas and targets.

Without doubt most businesses have discovered that meeting with diversity quotas and objectives is not straightforward. Traditional search methodologies simply do not work. STANDOUT has conducted research that has identified very typical problems inherent in diversity recruitment and has determined the need to have a disruptive “proactive” model for success.


The STANDOUT team provides specialist hiring solutions to businesses implementing diversity initiatives within industries, functions and geographies where women are currently under-represented, facilitating greater equal opportunity and successfully overcoming very common barriers to effective gender diverse recruitment.

STANDOUT is focused on the identification and introduction of highly successful and ambitious female professionals. Women in leadership are proactively sought out and afforded unprecedented opportunity to compete for senior roles. Pipelining projects serve to identify the female leaders, mentors and sponsors of the future, strengthening the diversity of talent accessible to our clients.


Combining 150+ years of cumulative experience, with up to the minute global industry intelligence means, we are equipped with a range of expertise to suit Gender Diverse talent acquisition, market mapping and executive search requirements throughout the following sectors:


Consumer Healthcare, Life Sciences, Biopharma, Pain Relief, Nutrition, Oral Health, Skin Care.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables & Industrial Manufacturing.


Consumer Hardware, Computer Software, Information Technology, Internet, Telecommunications.

Professional Services

Consulting & Business Advisory, Legal, Audit, Tax & Accounting.

Financial Services

Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Insurance.

A Pro-Active Model for Success

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~ Albert Einstein

STANDOUT has developed a global community of international business women working in commercial, operational & support functions for global businesses in FMCG, Pharma, Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Professional Services & Finance. Since inception in 2012, the network has evolved and expanded rapidly across the globe, both organically and according to demand. A unique, pro-active business model enables STANDOUT to deliver against diversity related assignments quickly and efficiently with unprecedented reach and engagement.

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